Light housekeeping

I can no longer close my freezer door; the freezer is so badly in need of defrosting. I really am a dreadful housekeeper. The built-up ice is bending the freezer compartment. Some people complain about how non-fast cyclists really shouldn’t have nice or expensive bikes. Someone slower than you or someone with less experience than you shouldn’t have a nicer or more expensive bike than you, or at least that seems to be a common feeling amongst cyclist. “When you start cycling, you should have a humble bike.” I have never really met an overly proud bike, but I think I understand the sentiment. I am never quite sure when you have ridden enough or exactly what speed you have to obtain before you can buy an over-priced or light bike. I think that perhaps we should apply this practice to other arenas. Slow joggers would be required to wear clogs and wouldn’t be allowed to wear running shoes until they can do 8 minute miles. Only people with adequate housekeeping skills would be allowed to buy an apartment and only people whose floors can be eaten off of would be allowed to buy a house. I would be restricted to living in a tent.

still life with bike

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